Johannes Rusli

Let me introduce Johannes Rusli. Rusli is my new-made friend. He is from Indonesia and moved to Taiwan for study Chinese about one month ago.

About one or two weeks ago, gugod and I were discussing about how to hack the codes of SpaceChewingOSX Input Method in the DelCaffe, a coffee shop where we often go to near the National Taiwan Normal University. Rusli walked by the class windows of that coffee shop and saw both of us were using Apple iBook series laptop computers, he is a Powerbook user and was curious and confused about how to connect to the Internet in such a coffee shop, then we walked in and asked us. We told that he must have a wireless adapter and then he can connect to the Internet by using the Wireless LAN. That’s how we met the first time.

Rusli is also a designer and a blogger. You may visit his website at, and his blog hosted in the at He studied visual design and multi-media, and majored in interactive multi-media in the Edith Cowan University in Western Australia before coming to Taiwan, you can his simple but elegant works in his website. In his blog, we wrote many blog entries about life in Taiwan recently.

I asked him what made him want to learn Chinese? He answered me, it’s music. The mandarin popular music produced in Taiwan is very popular in Indonesia, he felt that those popular music, especially the lyrics, attractive and move him more than the local popular music and the others. The more he loves the lyrics, the more he wants to learn how to read the original text in Chinese. His favorite artist is David Tao(陶喆), he bookmarked many websites about Tao in his browser, and check those sites often. Maybe we should try to make Tao to know there is such a fan could like to fly to a foreign and strange country just because him somehow, right?

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