1 thought on “meet zonble

  1. 我在 IRC 上面的 nick 被一位波蘭的人用了,以下是跟他交涉的對話:
    17:02 -!- Irssi: Starting query in net with tumi
    17:02 tumii: hi
    17:02 -!- Tumi is away: Gone
    17:02 tumii: your nickname are the same as mine…
    Day changed to 06 4月 2003
    Day changed to 07 4月 2003
    13:48 …and ?
    15:35 tumii: do you mind use another nick? I really love “Tumi” name
    15:36 tumii: when I want to change my nick to “tumi”, system will tell me
    “Tumi is already in use”
    17:50 Tumi: I’m sorry, i can’t. “Tumi” is my nick name since 1996, and I used
    to use it in real life since early in the 1970s.
    17:52 Tumi: I don’t see any reason to do it. I can’t help you.
    17:52 Tumi: have a nice day 🙂
    19:12 tumii: I see. Sorry to bother you 🙂

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