Esperanto Keyboard Module for OpenVanilla 0.8

Today we have a new OpenVanilla module which is called Esperanto Keyboard. We have upload the Mac OS X version to the download area of OpenVanilla Project hosted in Google Code. If you need to write in Esperanto on a Mac, it might be a choice. You can download it via the following URL:

我們今天弄了一個供 OpenVanilla 0.8 使用的世界語(Esperanto)模組,您可以從 OpenVanilla 計畫的下載區下載 Mac OS X 版本。您必須要安裝 OpenVanilla 0.8 版,才能夠使用;在下載了前述檔案後,請將檔案放在 /Library/OpenVanilla/0.8/Modules/ 目錄下,重新登入,或是手動重新啟動 OpenVanilla 後,就可以在 OpenVanilla 選單中,看到「世界語」這個選項。

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